Ten Tips for Dressing for an Interview

By Helen Redfield

1.  Wear clothing that fits, is clean, and doesn’t make you self-conscious

2.  Avoid evening wear, exercise clothing, or anything revealing, casual, or over the top

3. Stick to neutral colors, and as best you can, wear something currently in style but keep it simple

4. Present yourself clean, well-groomed, and go easy on make-up, hair products, and jewelry

5.  Skip the fragrance

6. Wear undergarments, including socks or hose

7. Clean up broken or chipped nails

8. Wear shoes that are clean, in good repair, and skip the sandals, flip-flops, and sneakers

9. Wear clothing that makes sense for the weather

10. Wear something age appropriate

You may the best candidate for the job, but you won’t land the offer, if you dress as if you’d prefer to work from home, or care little about how you present yourself.  While its true your résumé is sized up in under ten seconds, your initial appearance is assessed even more quickly.  You don’t need to wear the latest style or expensive clothing, but showing up wearing clean simple business clothing that fits properly, and is in good repair, is a must.  You don’t want to tank the interview because the person you’re meeting with is trying to ignore your outfit.

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